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The Boston Academy


The story behind:

The founder of Ludosport Boston Academy started with a dream from 2013. The dream was to build a community around the love of light sabers, to learn and teach others techniques that the unique weapon has to offer compared to other sword styles. In 2014 with the discovery of Ludosport’s SIS, the thought was born that someday there would be a saber academy in the Boston area. It was a few years until 2016 when the founder jumped at the chance to train with one of the Ludosport Masters in San Francisco that the first step of the creation of Ludosport Boston Academy began.

Meet the instructors:

Ander Shultis

Form 1 Instructor

Ander played various sports all his life, including various open hand martial art forms. He has been practicing LudoSport since early 2017. Ander is always looking forward to meeting new people and encouraging the best out of everyone.

 Jason A DeBay

Form 2 Instructor

Founder of Ludosport Boston Academy. Jason got his first saber in 2013 and has been hooked on learning different saber techniques since. He began practicing LudoSport since August 2016 and is active in growing the saber community in the Boston area.



Cambridge Community Center
5 Callender St
Cambridge, MA 02139

Our Schedule

Saturday at 4-6 pm

How to become a Ludosport Athlete

Try a discovery classs! Introduction class prices to the sport can be found on

How much does it cost to become a Ludosport Boston athlete/member?

Ludosport Boston offers different academic class packages starting with monthly (4 consecutive classes), 10 consecutive classes, 20 consecutive classes, and 40 consecutive classes.

For academic classes prices send an email to


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