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Ludosport Instructors receive in-depth training in the forms of Ludosport light saber combat. They serve as representatives of the International Ludosport community, teaching and supporting students in academies across the world!

All instructors are certified through an intensive training program. During the course, Instructors and Method Trainers are taught by Ludosport Technici, or Style Masters, to not only understand the combat forms but also be attentive, helpful, and professional teachers as they guide their students with passion and seriousness. Their training within the LudoSport International network is guaranteed by the teaching staff selected by SLM

The next Form 1 Instructor & Method Trainer course hosted in the USA begins March 15th in Brattleboro, VT.

See below to find the course best for you.

 Instructor Course

Form 1

The full ten day Instructor training course! Participants will learn the complete LudoSport Form 1 style and how to conduct classes. Upon passing the course style exams, you will be certified to teach Form 1 in any LudoSport academy or club, or start your own! This course is open to anyone new or experienced with Ludosport and wants to dive right in to become a Form 1 Instructor.

ENROLL – Full Instructor Course

Method Trainer Course

Form 1

A shorter, less intensive training workshop aimed at teaching participants the fundamentals of Form 1. Completing the Method Trainer course will allow you to teach the basics of Form 1 to students in discovery courses, and other events. This course is designed for anyone whether you are new to Ludosport or already training in an academy.

ENROLL – Method Trainer Course

Intensive Short Course

Form 1

Have you already trained Form 1 as a student of Ludosport and want to step into a teaching role? The short form instructor course will help refine techniques and prepare participants to teach other students. To enroll in the short course, you must have met training requirements as a student of Form 1 by the beginning of the Instructor course.

ENROLL – Short Form Instructor Course