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Hundreds worldwide have become bearer of LudoSport noble values and elegant techniques. Method Trainers and Instructors grow the international community of friends and athletesthe heroes of the Story of Light!

Next full-immersion Method Trainer course officiated by a SLM Tecnico in USA begins next March 15th. Click HERE or the picture below to find out details.

  • LudoSport Masters distinguish individual competitive performance from the instructor-level skills needed to teach LudoSport values and techniques. LudoSport aspires to teach athletes a discipline that enables competition for fun, not for harm.
  • Certified Method Trainers and Instructors are individuals able to devote attention to all athletes, know how to observe and analyze each of them in order to guide their learning in a fun but exciting environment.
  • During courses held by a SLM Tecnico, Method Trainers or Instructors receive the necessary basis to direct a training group or a class proficiently while maintaining a soothing atmosphere that is fully respectful of our key values, Se.Cu.Ri.

  • LudoSport works along a progressive educational path where Method Trainers and Instructors guide athletes’ progress either through playful sparring or competitive commitment in Style or War rankings.
  • Holding certification as a LudoSport Instructor is a prerequisite to teaching in an Academy of the Franchise or in a Licensed Club.