The Equipment

The Light Saber

LudoSport official combat saber is Polaris SSe-1, a Made in Italy hilt designed on purpose to meet the requirements of performance, resistance, ergonomics and customization needed by Instructors and athletes to have the best experience during training and competition.

It is neither a toy, nor a collectible but the access key to a new dimension of competition with self and others.


Years of sport sparring gave us a unique expertise in the evaluation of best standards in weight, dimensions, balance and endurance of parts and materials.
Thanks to this knowledge, the lightsabers used in LudoSport Academies are designed and tested to stand the stress of the practice.

Sporting lightsabers – compared with the others – have an inverted position of the speaker, with the soundboard in the middle of the hilt. This way, the pommel can embody metal weights to balance the saber. The micro-USB port simplifies recharging.
The shape of sporting lightsabers is designed to guarantee the best technical grip in each style, both single and double-handed.

Blades are the real point of difference in sporting Light Saber Combat. Made in flexible polycarbonate, the official standard has the best lightness/endurance ratio, and its transparency guarantees an optimized light diffraction.

Pupils start with a blue bladed lightsaber. Later on, they will choose their path and, consequently, the colour of their blade.

The Uniforms

Each uniform tells a story. Talks about the one who wear it: his or her rank, reached titles or qualifications, skills you should be aware of. Uniform’s importance is beyond the look. That’s why everyone should respect it.

Each Light Saber Combat practitioner has a Uniform identifying his/her Rank, Qualification or Title. The academy uniform (CombatSuit) comprises the following garments:


CombatTee and TrainingTee




The Protections

Technique is the first form of safety in sporting Light Saber Combat. That’s why we don’t need excessive protections.

In all combat Forms, blows are codified to be carried in control and safely. Nonetheless, basic protections are required, starting for the hands: our official supplier LAMADILUCE developed combat gloves with customized cushions where practice indicated a needing. Apart from them, any other gloves are admitted, as long as they have suitable protections on all fingers, with special reinforcements on the thumb, index and little fingers. They can’t have hard knuckle guard – dangerous in short range fight.

Males must wear a jockstrap during the fights. Females can wear chest protectors. During combat, the use of glasses or masks, authorised by the SLM, is recommended.


LudoSport International Uniforms and Accessories are Made in Italy products with copyright protected design. Each garment is conceived for an intensive sporting use, tested and developed according to SLM standards.