Boston Ludosport Academy

Order of Watch City

The Waltham Athletic Club

249 Lexington Street

Waltham, MA 02452



Martin “Lynx” Lessem is a LudoSport Form 1 Instructor & Dean who came to LudoSport after having first experienced it at one of the Boston Schools, which due to many circumstances, did not work out. He then had a chance to experience it again at a Blockbuster LARP in Massachusetts and discovered what an amazing community LudoSport is, and as such decided to not only join, but become an Instructor, and open his own school, the Order of Watch City. Outside of LudoSport, Martin volunteers with the Civil Air Patrol, and the US Coast Guard Auxiliary, runs a Sci-Fi Fan Association, and has dabbled in various Martial Arts when he isn’t working as a Regulatory professional in the Pharmaceutical Industry. He is Swedish by birth and holds a dual-citizenship with the US. He is also a cat dad.


Nick is a journeyman HVAC service technician with local 537 and a Form 1 Instructor. When he is not swinging lightsabers, he’s throwing axes, mountain biking, hiking, and playing hockey. He lives by the famous Wayne Gretzky quote “You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take”. Take a shot and learn a new skill.


Paul is a lifelong martial artist who started karate at age 7. At 14, he began studying historical swordsmanship, a journey that in 2016 brought him to Ludosport where he is a Form 1 & 2 Instructor. With a Master’s degree in Informal Learning focused on Teaching, Learning, and Leadership, Paul is most at home learning and playing right alongside his students! In Ludosport, every match, every class is an opportunity to use our lightsabers to illuminate a path towards a brighter future built on Safety, Care, and Respect. Ignite your light and join us!


Stefan found Ludosport while participating in the blockbuster LARP, Starfall Academy. They fell in love with the sport then, and have been applying themselves to it as often as possible since, and are a Form 1 Instructor. A long-time practitioner of various martial arts and combat sports, and lover of TTRPGs and and fantasy and sci-fi, they knew they’d found their people. Now a Form 1 instructor and Dean, they look forward to sharing their love of the community with as many people as they can.

Class Lessons

New Form 1 Class

6:30pm - 8:30pm

Clan Harbor

6:30pm - 8:30pm

Clan Lighthouse

6:30pm - 8:30pm

Order of the Onyx River

120 Northside Rd.

Charleston, MA