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We have Clubs and Academies around the country and strive to open more in the next several years.

What is the difference between an Academy, a Club, and a School?

Academies: are opened with the intent of becoming a fully operating business. Owners have full access to the entire array of goods and services offered by LudoSport International and the Society of LudoSport Masters. They have defined territories in which they operate.

         *This includes things such as an inventory of uniforms, lightsabers and the ability to teach all the current available forms and courses.

Clubs: are a relatively new addition to the LudoSport network and were designed to make the sport more accessible for people who aren’t able to commit to an Academy for any reason. Sometimes it is because it is a small group of friends who have no desire to grow. Others are initial investments with the plan of growing into an Academy.

         *No initial inventory of lightsabers or uniforms is included and forms after Course Y are limited.

Schools: These are the individual locations where classes are taught. It isn’t unusual for multiple Schools to fall under one Academy banner.