Order of the Volcano Fire

Order of the Volcano Fire


Tony Fernandez, also known as Panda by everyone in the LudoSport world, is short for “Pandamonium”. The nickname originated in a culmination of an aggressive and elegant fighting style stemming from being an instructor in F1, F2, CY, and F4. Some of the favorite reactions include “Panda go brrr” or “Panda No-Scope 360”, just to name a few.


Grace “Spikes” Chee has been doing LudoSport since 2018 and is an instructor in F1, F2, and CY.


Buff started LudoSport in 2016 in the first U.S. and Hawaiian course. Opened LudoSport Hawai’i in 2018. As a martial artist, LudoSport enhances beautifully all of their previous training. They the sport – but they say “the best thing is the ohana (family) of friends throughout the world who all practice e SeCuRi!  Aloha!”


Catalea Toyama – Kotonk – Instructor F1, F2, CY.  Also involved with Starfall Academy Larp.


Mark K. Gamiao, a resident of Honolulu, Hawaii, got his first lightsaber lesson in 2018 with the Ludosport Hawaii Academy.  Since then, he has risen to the rank of Iniziato along with members of Clan Fulcrum.  In 2022, Gamiao became a Form 1 instructor and has taken on the battle name, “Araw Talim” (Sun Blade); a reflection of his Filipino ancestry.  He is versed in Form 1, Form 2 and Course Y.  Besides Ludosport, Gamiao enjoys reading, K-Pop, anime, cosplay and video games.

Ander Shultis

Ander Shultis first joined Ludosport in 2016 with the Academy in Boston. In 2017 Ander became a Form 1 instructor. In 2018 he attended the first US national tournament. He was defeated in the elimination round by Buff’s Form 3. During Covid Ander lost contact with Ludosport. In 2023 he moved to Honolulu Hawaii, connected with the Order of the Volcano Fire, and joined the other members of Clan Monomyth to continue his Ludo career. As part of his prodigal return, Ander rebirthed himself with his new battle name, “The Dagda” (The Celtic Bringer of Plenty and Protector of Life.); a reflection of his natural mentoring role and his Irish ancestry.  He is versed in Form 1, and excessively drilled in and looking to finally close Form 2 in the next couple of months. From there he is looking forward to moving into Course Y and on into the higher forms. He is looking forward to Form 5 in particular with bated breath. Besides Ludosport, Shultis studies Astrophysics and is working towards earning a PhD in such, he enjoys Star Wars in all its forms, movies, stoic self-study and betterment, anime, As well as hardcore gaming. (Both video and board/tabletop.)