Tidewater Ludosport

5000 Colley Ave.

Norfolk, Va 23508

“Universal Combat Center”

About Us

We are proud to have a team of dedicated and experienced professionals who are committed to helping our clients reach their full potential. Our instructors and staff are certified and have years of experience in Ludosport. They are passionate about fitness and sport. They are dedicated to providing our clients with the support and guidance they need to achieve their goals.


Meet the Team at Ludosport Tidewater!

"The Pan"

Instructor Name: John Schares

Battle Name: “The Pan”

Position: Owner, Rector, Instructor, Tecnico

John is one of the earliest members of Ludosport in the United States. He started Ludosport in May 2017 as a student and then went on to become a Form 1 instructor in September 2017. He has many accomplishments within the network. Some of them include competing in the World Champions Arena in 2017, 2018 and 2022. He was the War runner-up at US Nationals 2018 and the War and Overall Champion of US Nationals 2022. He was one of the first Incom officials when Incom was founded in 2017 and has gone on to Officiate many tournaments over the years. He is very passionate about instructing and has earned many Instructor certifications and is also one of the United States’ only two Form 1 and Form 2 Tecnicos. He loves all types of gaming and everything Peter Pan. His real passion is helping people reach their full potential. 


Instructor: Longblade: 1,2,3,4, and Course Y Dual Daggers: 3 Tecnico Longblade: 1, 2 and 4 


Instructor Name: Jason Ramboz

Battle Name: “Hawkeye”

Position: Dean (Arlington), Instructor

Jason is a Maryland native who now lives in Northern Virginia. The first time he saw LudoSport, he knew immediately it was what he’d been wanting to do his whole life. A couple of years and an instructor certification later, he’s only become more excited. Jason is a graduate of Radford University with a degree in English and a minor in Latin. By day, he’s a proposal manager for a government contracting company. When he’s not slinging lightsabers, Jason is an avid reader and science fiction fan. He loves all kinds of games, especially board and card games. 


Instructor: Longblade: 1  


Instructor Name: Justin Dawson 

Battle Name: “Tails” 


Justin has grown up in many locations, from the East to the West Coast, and even spent some time in Japan. He was introduced to Ludosport in 2017 at a convention he was reluctant to go to after he had spent several long months at sea, working as an analyst for the U.S. Navy. He regrets nothing as he is now an Instructor and a national competitor, as well as continuing the pursuit of his lifelong dream of being a Jedi Knight. When he’s not chasing around his cat or teaching, Justin can probably be found napping or playing video games on his PC. He is passionate about sword sports, and constructed languages, his newest language goal is Mando’a. 


Instructor: Longblade: 1 


Instructor Name: Brandon Munson 

Battle Name: “Quicksilver” 

Position: Instructor 

When Brandon first discovered Ludosport in 2017, he thought it sounded too good to be true. However, after getting a lightsaber in his hands at a demo class, he realized that not only was it real, but it lived up to the hype and then some. Now, after 6 years of lightsaber combat, two overseas trips, and an instructor certification in Form 1, Brandon’s passion and excitement for Ludosport have only grown. On most days, when he’s not honing his skills, Brandon spends his time working at a coffee shop in Chesapeake. When he comes home from his day job, he likes to unwind by playing video games such as Monster Hunter. 


Instructor: Longblade: 1


Instructor Name: Joey Peisher

Battle Name: “Baron”

Position: Dean (Tidewater), Instructor

Joey has been in Ludosport for close to 6 years after waiting 4 years for it to come stateside. Joey has competed on the national and international level multiple times. Outside of the classroom, Joey is into anime gaming DND and Martial Arts. Joey prides themselves on their focus on fundamentals and composure in the arena. “If you can’t do it slow then you can’t truly do it” is one of Joey’s mantras.


Instructor: Longblade: 1,2, and 3 


Instructor Name: Xada Swain

Battle Name: “Xada”

Position: Dean (Tidewater), Instructor

Xada joined Ludosport in 2017. He went on to become a Form 1 instructor later that year and a Form 2 instructor in 2018. He was the academy’s overall champion in 2022 and qualified to fight in the World Champions Arena in 2022. He loves to dance, draw, and play video games in his spare time.


Instructor: Longblade: 1 and 2


Instructor Name: Jamey Peisher

Battle Name: “Tempest”

Position: Loremaster, Instructor

Jamey joined LudoSport in March 2018. Jamey is an instructor of Form 1 and Form 2, as well as serving as our Lore Master. She also has competed in US National tournaments and at Pink Side Arena in Modena Italy. Jamey studies Sojutsu spear, enjoys archery, tabletop RPGs, and painting, and wants to learn stained glass artistry. An avid sci-fi fan, she loves to escape into books and video games.


Instructor: Longblade: 1 and 2 


Instructor Name: Matt Schares 

Battle Name: “Maverick” 

Position: Instructor 

Matt started his LudoSport journey in Tidewater in 2017. An aficionado of blade arts and a consummate duelist, Matt instantly fell in love with both the fun and rigors of lightsaber combat. He has completed Forms 1-3 and is currently studying Form 4. He has participated in the 2018 and 2019 US National Tournaments and the 2018 World Champions Arena in Milan, Italy. Before LudoSport, Matt practiced Olympic Fencing, HEMA, and stage combat. Outside of LudoSport, Matt teaches high school literature and directs theatrical productions, having earned his BA in Theatre from The College of William and Mary and his MSEd in Secondary English Education from Old Dominion University. In his spare time, Matt enjoys film, video games, and reading, particularly if fantasy, science fiction, or history is involved. 


Instructor: Longblade: 1